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hello im eri im a suicide corpse an im literally the most evil person in all a portsmouth

doc scratch has nothin but fuckin experience on me but my sources say hes still alive an therefore would logically have weaknesses a the mortal flesh although hes purportedly immortal

im gonna be seventeen forever but i just celebrated my eighteenth birthday with my twin sister a few months ago

my father was a abusive evil hypocritical born again christian asshole the whole time i knew him in life but it turned out that hes actually not really that guy i grew up knowin hes actually kinda a stand up guy underneath all that accursed evil shit he had succumbed to

my brother was always the best part a my life he looked out for me an protected me an has always been there for me an ill never hold a flame to the passion he has about anythin an everythin he is literally the best guy ive ever known i mean sure hes kinda got the chronic case a the tactless an he doesnt get social cues like GO AWAY an STOP HITTIN ON ME YOU KNUCKLEHEAD at least thats what the girls had to say about him but seriously he is the most wonderful person ever an i love him to pieces an will drown anybody who thinks otherwise

my twin sister is the most badass bitch in all a the city she told me to stop flippin out AS SHE SAT THERE WITH HER ENTIRE ARM DETACHED FROM HER BODY how fuckin hardcore is that im gonna tell you its a hundred an fuckin fifty percent hardcore an shes beautiful an shes tough an i love her a lot an we share wardrobes an she does my makeup sometimes

my best friend is the sweetest bitch youll ever meet shes talented an otherworldly an shes lighthearted an cares so much about everythin an everybody christ shes the dearest woman ive ever had the pleasure a kissin an shes maybe the most beautiful woman on this entire plane a existence an her girlfriend is a doll too

my boyfriend is likewise talented an otherworldly gorgeous an his voice sends a shiver down my spine an he was the only fuckin guy in the entire fuckin city that could see me without me havin to sap a ton a energy when i wasnt corporeal an he sat with me an figured me out while i figured myself out an hes the most patient an accomodatin guy ive ever seen an hes so lovely an i could spend years simply tellin you about how he makes me feel with his beautiful purple curls all around him an his smooth an gentle way

i have a designated exorcist who teaches me how to be a better ghost without drainin myself an gatherin the energies around me to fuel me shes been teachin me the basics a possession an poltergeist shit an shes given me a lotta reasons to love somebody who will never love me back an has opened me up to the possibility that i may very well be not entirely gay but i dunno its not like i wanna get busy with her i just want to press my body against her body an hold her because shes so warm an the blackness that curls inside her is invitin instead a terrifyin an i just want to hold onto her an keep her safe forever

the people in my existence are the most important fuckin people on the planet to me an i will do things that would make their dissenters wish they were dead if they cross the line

an yeah thats about it i told you about me an about whos important to me thats all you need to know
now fuck off an let me dazzle you from afar you fuckin plebe


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